In 1965 J.W. Gallagher began building guitars with the skills and aptitude of a master furniture maker and machinist.  There are remaining pieces of furniture that speak to his emphasis on line, form and function.   J.W. wanted to build a guitar with his same attention to quality.  The  motto on his guitar label read: “Guaranteed perfect.”  That sentiment lives on through all of our handmade guitars today.  We are honored to carry on the legacy of American craftsmanship begun by J.W. and Don Gallagher. 

From Parlors to Dreadnoughts, over 30 models to choose from.

Two guitars stand on their own and reflect the heritage of Gallagher Guitar Co.:  the Doc Watson model and the Ragtime Special.

The G-50 was the first Gallagher guitar in 1965 of mahogany back and sides.  It was designated as the G-50 because J.W. Gallagher was 50 years of age.  A G-50 was Doc Watson’s first Gallagher guitar that he used from 1968 through 1974 before helping design our current Doc Watson model. The first Gallagher G-70 was built in 1966, our first rosewood guitar.  The Legacy lines can be built with any of the seven body sizes.  See below…

Speaking to the needs of a wide range of musicians, we incorporate features which distinguish these guitars from their older siblings, the G-45 and G-60. These handmade guitar models introduce some new aspects for a modern musician while still staying true to the classic Gallagher craftsmanship.  The Contemporary lines can be built in any of the seven body sizes.  See below…

The Signature guitars pay tribute to Gallagher players, Doc Watson Signature and the Jim Hurst Signature guitars.  These guitars were designed for that specific player’s needs in mind.

We can consult with you to build your dream guitar specifically for you.  It would be our honor.

Gallagher Guitar Body Shapes