Understanding Guitar Sizes

Gallagher Guitar Body Shapes

In selecting an acoustic guitar, consideration is given to your playing style and needs.  There are so many factors which influence the sound of a guitar such as choice of tone woods.  The body shape adds an important dimension in finding the right guitar for you.  Body shape and sizes  influence certain sound characteristics, volume level and playing comfort.  We provide an overview of the different body shapes that are available for Gallagher guitars.

G:  Our G series models are dreadnoughts

The dreadnought (named for an early 20th century British battleship armed with heavy-caliber guns ) was originally designed by the CF Martin company in 1916, and remains one of the most popular acoustic guitar body types.  The dreadnoughts, the gold standard for the steel–string flat top box, is often the choice for flat-pick guitar players and bluegrass players for their big booming sound and tonal qualities.  Dimensions: Body length 20”, width 15 ⅝”, depth 4 ⅞”, total length 40 ¾”.

SG: The slope-shoulder dreadnought

The slop-shoulder, or also referred to as the advanced jumbo, was introduced by Gibson in 1936 and is preferred by some players for its look and tone.  Sound is a personal, subjective quality between player and guitar but the argument is that the rounded shoulders diffuse the overwhelming bass sounds and lends clarity and balance.  Dimensions: Body length 20 ¼”, width 16”, depth 4 ⅞”, total length 41”.

Jumbo: The Jumbo series

A jumbo acoustic guitar is a must-add addition to any guitarists collection.   Its large body may seem intimating to hold but with our tapers lower bout on the player’s side it is surprisingly comfortable.  With the larger bodies, jumbo guitars can hold and move more air inside the body cavity which results in a loud and impressive sound.  Jumbo’s are well suited as rhythm guitars in country and folk rock because of the deep rich sound favored by heavy strummers.  However, they also perform well for flatpicking and fingerstyle playing.  The  Dimensions: Body length 20 3/4”, width 17”, depth 4 1/4”, total length 41 1/2″.

M: Modified body

J.W. designed a body shape he referred to as “Modified” in 1967  It is joined at the 12th fret instead of the 14th.  The overall body length is 21” rather than 20” but the actual overall length of the guitar is ⅝” less than the standard dreadnought.  This shape has been used on various Gallagher models and is often seen with the G-70.  The M has a remarkable tone.  Dimensions: Body length 21”, width 15 3/4”, depth 4 7/8”, total length 40 1/4”.

GA:  The Grand Auditorium

The GA is a 000/OM body with a regular scale length. These small body Gallaghers are great for recording due to their balanced tone and yet amazing volume.  Dimensions: Body length 19”, width 15”, depth 4 ½”, total length 40”.

GC:  The Grand Concert

The GC is a 12 fret guitar with a 000 body.  With the bridge location being moved toward the lower bout and the shorter neck, it gives this guitar a sweet finger-style sound.  The GC body is a perfect combination for singers and solo players.  Dimensions: Body length 19”, width 15”, depth 4 ¼”, total length 39 ½”.

A:  The Auditorium body

The Auditorium shape will give great balance of sound with tremendous focus.  The body size is 19” rather than 20” like the Grand Concert, but due to being joined at the 14th fret, it is ½” longer than the GC.  The Ragtime Special is the most popular of our auditorium size Gallaghers.  Dimensions: Body length 19”, width 15”, depth 4 ¼”, total length 40”.

P: The Parlor guitar

The Parlor is smaller than an 0, Concert Guitar.  It hearkens back to when volume was not as important because they were played at home, in the parlor.  Parlor guitars are finding renewed interest among a broad spectrum of players.  They are small, lightweight instruments that are easy to hold and transport.  Dimensions: Body length 18 1/4”, width 12 7/8”, depth 4 ¼”, total length 37 1/2”.