The “Founder’s” Guitar

G-50 Cherry

We were fortunate to be able to purchase cherry lumber from  J.W.’s original stash, and so this guitar is a nod to his furniture-making days.  Don preserved a stash of this wood in the loft of the old shop since J.W.s days of building furniture.  We have milled the lumber into beautiful sets of backs and sides.  These guitars will be worthy of the Queen Anne style furniture that J.W. built. Once this wood is gone, we will have to discontinue this model.  These are very special guitars with a direct connection to the past.

Our prototype Cherry G-50 guitars are underway.

• Cherry back and sides
• Yellow cedar top or Sitka spruce top
• 1 3/4″ neck with unbound fretboard
• American holly bound body and headstock
• Multicolored back strip
• dot inlay


Retail price: $5,500

Don’t miss this opportunity to own such a special guitar.  We hope to build 20 of these “Founder’s” Guitars. 

Call David at 615-624-4196 to place an order for yours.

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