Two guitars stand on their own and reflect the heritage of Gallagher Guitar Co.: The Doc Watson model and the Ragtime Special. Thus, these handmade guitar models are known as our Heritage Guitar Models.  Click on the model names below to learn more.

There are reasons that the Doc Watson model is by far the most recognized Gallagher Guitar.  In 1968 Doc and Merle Watson starting playing guitars made by J.W. and Don Gallagher, a G-50 and G-40 (later renamed the G-45).  In 1974, a guitar was built for Doc which incorporated some particular features the he requested and thus the birth of the Doc Watson model.  Click on the name to learn more about this guitar: Doc Watson model.

The other guitar included in our Heritage Guitar Models, The Ragtime Special, was built in 1978 and has become our most popular small body guitar.  This auditorium size mahogany guitar is adorned with abalone appointments on the fingerboard and the beautiful bellflower inlay on the headstock.  As the name suggests, this handmade guitar is geared toward Jazz or Ragtime musicians. Also a mahogany guitar, this auditorium size guitar still packs a punch when it comes to projection with balanced sounds.

A popular upgrade option for both of these guitars is to add a cutaway to the body ($550)