Gallagher Trivia

  • The first Gallagher guitar model, the G-50, was named after J.W.’s last initial and his age at the time it was made.
  • Doc Watson specifically requested the flatter, C-shaped neck profile on what is now the Doc Watson model. “He thought it would give him a faster action,” said J.W., in a 1978 interview with the Tennessee Folklore Society. “I told him I hadn’t noticed him having any problem that way!”
  • J.W. made the “G” headstock inlay by cutting around a “G” he snipped from the masthead of the Shelbyville Times-Gazette. (The T-G has since changed the font. We have not.)
  • It was Merle Travis who famously described Doc’s Gallagher’s sound with the expression, “Rings like a bell!” Travis and Watson were recording on the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band’s seminal 1972 album, Will The Circle Be Unbroken, when Merle uttered the statement.
  • The first GC-70 (000 body size) was built for Grandpa Jones, upon Ramona’s request. It was her gift to him, Christmas 1968. She picked it up from the shop on Christmas Eve.