THE Tennessee Flattop Box

This beautiful Grand Auditorium Tennessee (GA-TN) model found a wonderful home with Asher Cataldo.  Look for him playing in on a new album or video or stage somewhere in his music travels.  Thanks Asher

These Gallagher models are truly Tennessee guitars because they are built from native woods.  We use Appalachian spruce (Red Spruce) which grows in the upper elevations of eastern TN, Osage Orange or Bodock (sometimes referred to as Hedge Apple) wood for the back and sides, and a black Walnut neck.  Wounded persimmon (referred to as American ebony) is used for the fretboard, headcap and bridge.  American Holly makes for wonderfully creamy binding and rosette.

The guitar below was featured in the Connoisseur electronic magazine produced by The North American Guitar.  This is our GA-TN which is our grand auditorium body size (OM). This Grand Auditorium body makes for a great sounding finger-style guitar.

We can build the Tennessee guitar in any body shape from a Parlor to a Jumbo.  


TN Guitar

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Upgrade Options

Upgrades and additional features are available for cutaway body, electronics, and cases.  In addition, 12 string guitars can be built from these models.  We also offer a Spalted Sycamore rosette on the TN guitars.

Seven Body Sizes for these guitar lines

Gallagher Guitar Body Shapes