G-50 Walnut, Custom

No Longer Available:  Walnut back & sides, tortoise shell binding, simple and clean tortoise rosette, and a clear pick guard. Found a home in Virginia, 6/18/2020

From the new owner: 

Dear David,
I’ve been playing this beautiful guitar since I received it. I expected a lot  based both on the Gallagher name, my experience with it, and your recent words about this one. But I must say this transcends all expectations. Its beauty is stunning. Form and function fit each other like a glove. And the tone, right out of the box, puts that Gallagher grip on you, but this one does so in its own unique way. I don’t have the words to describe it further. Maybe later. As Doc said, “my ears, Gallagher Guitars. They just go together.”
You all are truly carrying on a tradition. I and a whole lot of people are very, very thankful.
Faithfully, BW