APRIL 2020

      An update from David on what Gallagher Guitar Co. is doing during these unprecedented times. We specifically want to thank healthcare workers on the front-lines of the fight against Covid-19. We thank everyone for their support of our small, local business as well. 


       While it may have started in the 70’s when David learned his first guitar chords on a Gallagher, there has always been an affection for Gallagher guitar. Little did we know that that would one day include assuming responsibility for the company! After Gallagher closed in May, David didn’t want it to end, and thus began discussions with Stephen and Don in July about selling the company. On 9/27/19 we purchased the intellectual property and assets from Don and Stephen Gallagher. We are honored, and a little nervous about the huge responsibility, but mostly excited to bring Gallagher guitars to many players in the years to come!


       Planning, leases, and construction began immediately. The move of Gallagher Guitar Co. from Wartrace to Murfreesboro began with phase 1 on 10/25/19. Don and Jean made the transition easy, although filled with emotions for them of the many memories they have, especially in the shop.


      The Phase 2 move occurred on 11/16/19. To say that moving the antique equipment was back-breaking is an understatement! Thank goodness for a strong team! Laying out the flow for the new shop fell to lead luthier, Daren Gallman, and input from luthiers Teddy Nabozny and Austin Derryberry. David and Daren were busy lining up vendors, researching additional equipment needed, and creating a system to move the building of a Gallagher guitar with the same commitment to hand-crafted, quality-built guitars.

DECEMBER 10, 2019

      In spite of construction delays, guitars are being built in their various phases. The team took a break to visit with Jim Hurst, talk shop and jam a bit. Pictured: Austin Derryberry, Teddy Nabozny, David Mathis, Daren Gallman, and Jim Hurst (seated).


      David secured the adjoining building on Walnut Street in Murfreesboro, and demolition began for the future guitar showroom, merchandise booth and musical venue. We have named this space Gallagher Unplugged in honor of our acoustic pedigree. Tours for the shop are planned, and the venue will have a stage and seating for singer-songwriters to come and play their music. We also are considering opening the stage for any Gallagher guitar owner to come in and jam any time the stage is not reserved.

JANUARY 3, 2020

        We had the great pleasure of hosting Don Gallagher and his wife, Jean, on Friday at the new shop. Just as Don continued J.W.’s legacy which began in 1965 and then later handed it down to his son, Stephen, we are accepting the responsibility of continuing the same quality of hand-crafted excellence.
        Don and David began the first segment of a future podcast. Don is full of wonderful stories from his years of experience. We also want to ask everyone to mark their calendars for Saturday, March 21, 2020 for our Don Gallagher Day. This will provide others with the opportunity to spend time with Don and visit the new shop.

JANUARY 6, 2020

        Gallagher Unplugged is making strides these days, and the next step in getting Gallagher Unplugged up and running was the delivery of new chairs and tables! The team moved in all the parts and pieces and unpacked the chairs. Some assembly required! The Gallagher team with the help of some friends put together the seating and tables at the Gallagher Unplugged venue!