Grand Auditorium – Black Walnut with Yellow Cedar

Our friends at The Acoustic Shoppe are finding the right home for this guitar.  Talk to their team to learn more about this one!

This guitar is built with one of five flitches of Black Walnut that was cut from the crotch wood of the tree.  The crotch wood is the area of the angle formed by the junction of two branches.  The highly figures pieces have an array of colors and grain patterns that are truly a gift from nature. 

Walnut typically produces a warm, balanced tone with a good amount of clarity. It falls somewhere between the brightness of maple and the warmth of mahogany. In terms of tonal properties, walnut often exhibits a focused midrange, which can help a guitar cut through the mix and provide excellent note definition. It generally produces a pleasing blend of warmth and brightness, making it suitable for various musical genres, including folk, blues, and fingerstyle playing.

Yellow Cedar, also known as Alaskan Yellow Cedar or Nootka Cypress, is a type of softwood that grows in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, primarily in Alaska, British Columbia, and parts of Washington state.  Yellow Cedar has a light yellowish or pale golden hue with a straight, uniform grain pattern. It has a fine texture and a subtle, natural luster, which makes it visually appealing.  It is known for its warm, clear, and resonant sound, with a strong projection and good sustain.

  • Crotch wood Black Walnut back and sides
  • Yellow Cedar top
  • American Holly binding and heelcap
  • BWBW trim on top
  • Walnut rosette and Headcap
  • 1 ¾” neck, joined at the 14th fret,
  • Mother of Pearl dot inlay on an ebony fretboard
  • Open gear tuners

Price:  $6,000