Gallagher GA-Bastogne Walnut

You can now play this Custom GA – Bastogne Walnut guitar at Righteous Guitars.

This Gallagher Grand Auditorium is built with Bastogne Walnut for its back and sides.  It also received a custom Bastogne Walnut rosette.  The headstock is also Walnut.  The top is Yellow Cedar to add a nice balance of tones when paired with the Bastogne Walnut.  This guitar offers a very clean, articulate and yet strong voice. Walnut is an excellent tonewood. Tonally, it it often compared to Koa but louder and more projectile. The low-end and mid-range response, when paired with a Yellow Cedar top, provides a balanced sound. It brings bright treble notes along with a present mid-range that lands between rosewood and mahogany. The bass tones are present and yet grow richer with time and extended play. Come check it out and see for yourself.

• Bastogne Walnut back and sides
• The body is bound with Ebony binding
• Yellow Cedar top
• Ebony bridge and fretboard• Black/White/Black purfling
• Black/White/Black purfling
• GraphTech ratio tuners
• 1 3/4″ nut width, joined at the 14th fret

Serial # 4032

Yellow Cedar, also known as Alaskan Yellow Cedar or Nootka Cypress, is a type of softwood that grows in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, primarily in Alaska, British Columbia, and parts of Washington state.  Yellow Cedar has a light yellowish or pale golden hue with a straight, uniform grain pattern. It has a fine texture and a subtle, natural luster, which makes it visually appealing.  It is known for its warm, clear, and resonant sound, with a strong projection and good sustain.

Bastogne Walnut, also known as Paradox Walnut or Botanical Walnut, is a rare and highly sought-after wood that results from the natural cross between English Walnut and Black Walnut. It grows primarily in the western United States, particularly in California. Bastogne Walnut exhibits a rich color palette, ranging from dark brown to reddish-brown with striking grain patterns, often featuring beautiful figure and marbling.  As a tonewood, Bastogne Walnut is known for its warm, balanced, and articulate sound. It has a well-rounded tonal profile with good sustain.

GA-Bastogne Walnut

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