G-45S, Songwriter Guitar, #3867

This G-45S found a home in Music City!

The G-45S Songwriter is a new edition of an early model.  The first G-40 was built for Merle Watson in 1968 and later that same year was renamed the G-45.  While relying on previous characteristics, we re-imagined the G-45 with standard features of satin finish, lighter weight construction, and a standard piezo pickup.  This can be your guitar around your home and also a true workhorse guitar to take to gigs.  You can stand out on any stage with this handmade Gallagher guitar.

In designing the G-45S, we want to provide a more affordable opportunity to step up to a truly handmade guitar that is of superior quality in construction and sound to a factory guitar.  In addition, we want the finish to reflect the ability for it to be a workhorse guitar for everything from writing songs to hitting the road for songwriter rounds to bluegrass festivals.  We offer case options for the G-45: “hard” gig bag or molded hardshell case.  This slope shoulder model adds some extra resonance to a full, balanced sound.

The appointments are consistent on all guitars in the G-45 line regardless of body size BUT will vary slightly by model within the series (black or cream).  From dreadnoughts to parlors, we can build your Songwriter the way you want.

#3867, Slope Shoulder G-45S, $3,600