The G-35 and GA-35, Mahogany with Adirondack

The G-35 guitars provide a great way to step into a full-bodied, hand-made guitar as your first Gallagher.  The appointments are noted for their simplicity:  Black binding, unbound neck and headstock, Black/White/Black single band rosette, Maple inlay G and fretboard markers.

The body of the guitar would be made from mahogany, which would give the instrument a deep, resonant sound with a strong mid-range. The top of the guitar, made from Adirondack spruce, would provide a bright, clear tone with excellent projection. Adirondack spruce is known for its strength and stiffness, which allows it to produce a loud and articulate sound, making it a popular choice for bluegrass and other types of acoustic music. It would be a great choice for players who want a guitar with a strong, powerful sound that can cut through a mix and stand out on stage.

G-35 guitars start at $3,800.  We also provide a painted black top model.

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