This custom Gallagher Birdseye Jumbo is a work of art that also plays and sounds like a dream.  You will enjoy sitting down with this guitar.  The lowered bout is also tapered so that it makes it easier to reach over it – it’s surprisingly comfortable.

The Yellow Cedar pairs well with the Birdseye Maple that results in a Jumbo sound that is also very balanced.

Features include:

  • Michigan Birdseye maple back and sides
  • Yellow Cedar top
  • Double X-bracing
  • Ebony tile rosette and tapered back strip
  • Ebony bound body, fretboard and headstock
  • Wenge bridge, headstock and fretboard
  • BWB purfling
  • 1 11/16” neck, joined at the 14th fret, MoP dots
  • Grover “Milk Bottle” tuners

Price $5,495

Yellow Cedar, also known as Alaskan Yellow Cedar or Nootka Cypress, is a type of softwood that grows in the Pacific Northwest region of North America, primarily in Alaska, British Columbia, and parts of Washington state.  Yellow Cedar has a light yellowish or pale golden hue with a straight, uniform grain pattern. It has a fine texture and a subtle, natural luster, which makes it visually appealing.  It is known for its warm, clear, and resonant sound, with a strong projection and good sustain.

Custom Birdseye Maple

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