Jesse Black is a Tennessee native with a background in roots music. In his early teens he got his start playing bar gigs and blues music events with a heavy focus on blues, country, bluegrass, and rock. With now 10+ years of experience under his belt he has performed in 24 states and internationally in Norway.

Jesse performs typically as a solo acoustic act, using his percussive style of guitar playing and mixing of bass lines and lead melodies to bring a full sound to a one man show. If you catch him live, you’ll hear a broad mixture of country, bluegrass, and blues as he performs his original songs in addition to classic standards with his own twist.

“When I was 16 my mom gave me a copy of Doc Watson on Stage to listen to in my dad’s truck when I started driving. I still remember listening to it and being in awe of his guitar playing style and his unique way of captivating the live audience on the album. Over the years I learned more and more of his songs and started applying some of his guitar playing techniques to what I already knew. Over time he became a large inspiration to who I wanted to be in my music career, especially as someone who performs mainly as a solo act. As I dove deeper into his music and the history behind him, I eventually learned about his connection to Gallagher guitars.

I took a wrong turn on the way to a show in Murfreesboro with some extra time to kill and wound up in front of the Gallagher factory and walked in and met a few of their employees. After returning for another visit and meeting with David, I ended up buying a slightly customized G-50 for my main guitar.

I’ll never forget the full circle moment of sitting in my quiet living room playing my new guitar for hours the night I picked it up, thinking about driving around my hometown listening to Doc for the first time in my dads truck. Although owning a Gallagher doesn’t make me sound like Doc (I wish), it’s truly special to me to get on stage weekly with a top notch guitar made in my home state with a rich history I care deeply about. I thank David and all of my new buddies at the shop for welcoming me into the Gallagher family and I’m proud to have that big “G” on my headstock” – Jesse Black