“The Relic”, 30-Line of All Mahogany guitars

Our 30 line is a throw-back look to an earlier, simpler time. Thus the nickname, “The Relic.” An all mahogany acoustic guitar crafted with the same attention to detail of all Gallagher guitars but with a lower price.

The 30-line is our all mahogany Gallagher guitar line.  Mahogany top guitars are great as a rhythm instrument but will also sound wonderful for finger-style as well. The notes are distinctive. The deep overtones of this mahogany guitar can provide a great counterpoint to a spruce guitar. If you play with someone who has a spruce top, the blending of sounds provides a more whole tonal sound. The G-30 (dread) has that full body sound.  The A-30 (00) is so comfortable that it furthers the enjoyment of this guitar.

Mahogany back, sides, top and neck provides a simplicity that is beautiful in its own right.  The unbound body offers a unity and flow and further enriches the natural beauty of the wood.  The finish is an open-pore satin finish that also contributes to the sound of this guitar.  The bridge, fretboard and headstock are Wenge wood for that nice dark chocolate brown color. The production of volume and the projection of sound of this mahogany guitar is surprising.  We can build it any of the body sizes that we offer.

G-30 guitars start at $3,200.